Stencils will give those old canvas paintings a new life!

Everyone has one; those old canvas prints you get over the years that when it comes to changing up your home décor just get tossed out because you are over the look. Even the canvas paintings everyone is doing at Paint Nights are getting tossed out or appear in yard sales. Well listen up... don't [...]

Stencils will give those old canvas paintings a new life!2020-03-25T09:18:53-04:00

2015 Wreath Making Workshop – What a success!

Our second year of growing, gathering and making some of the best live wreaths and custom green & holly arrangements was all designed under one roof in Harford County… ours! You name it, we had it! From American Holly to Fernleaf Cypress and Elk Horn Cedar to Winterberry; just to name a few, we had wheelbarrows, milk crates and [...]

2015 Wreath Making Workshop – What a success!2020-03-25T09:18:53-04:00

I Joined the Happy Crowd!

Cubbies. Storage bins. Drawers. Shelves.  Anything that can help you organize your “stuff” – I’m in. Throw in a label and I’m in heaven.  Enter…the card catalog.  How can no one remember these? Once a staple furniture piece in all libraries, card catalogs were made up of drawers upon drawers filled with paper cards holding information [...]

I Joined the Happy Crowd!2020-03-25T09:18:53-04:00


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